Prepare for the unknown and the unknowable!

Today Jared and I went to the Blueberry Festival at Keel & Curley Winery, (after enjoying some wonderful Yoga with Michelle) and while we were there, we saw a test of fitness - to hang from a bar for 80 seconds. According to the man running this contest, no one had won so far over the weekend, though many tried. Now, I'm usually not one to try to play games at fairs/festivals, but this one was right up my alley. I watched a woman attempt it right before me who was only able to hang on for 20 seconds.

Because we work on our grip strength constantly in our programming, I was confident I could make it the whole time and win the prize - $50. So I went for it! And I did it! And it was so exciting! But moreover, it was a chance to prove my fitness. It was an "unknown and unknowable" event. This is why we train. Not only to participate in fitness challenges, but for overall health.

A study was published by Harvard in 2016 linking grip strength to cardiovascular health. "A strong or weak hand grip carries more than just social cues. It may also help measure an individual’s risk for having a heart attack or stroke, or dying from cardiovascular disease." Read the article here. And tell a friend about CrossFit, you may just save their life - or help them win $50!!

Monday's Training:

A. Find your 1 RM Snatch

B. 7 min AMRAP:

Snatches @ 70% of 1RM

Goal: 20+ Reps