Push + Pull

Gymnastics bonanza today. A combination of pulling and pushing. Strength Endurance will be the limiting factor for everyone today. Don't have strict pull-ups? Check out the video on progressions. Lots of scaled options as well! We all start somewhere.

Saturday we hope to see you at Park & Rec for Blazen + Jenna's Going Away Party at 3pm.

Sunday we have Yoga at 10am - Free for everyone!

Our Free Week continues through Tuesday 9/19 so please bring in your friends!

Friday's Training:

5 Rounds:

30sec Toes to Bar

30sec Rest

30sec Pushup

30sec Rest

30sec Strict Pull-ups

30sec Rest

30sec Clapping Pushup

30sec Rest


Toes to Bar: Hanging Knees Raises or Toes to wall

Push-ups: Use an elevated surface for their hands (box/bench)

Strict Pull-ups: If you want to use bands you can. Make sure they aren’t using their ‘work’ time to get in and out of the band.

Clapping Push-ups: Scale to a regular Pushup and use those scales for further modification.