Want to see the athletes at the "tip of the spear" compete over 3 days to see who makes it to the CrossFit Games? Buy tickets to Regionals! Our event takes place in West Palm Beach this year from June 1-3, and will be made of up athletes from the Atlantic region. Not only will you see high level athleticism, but you can also check out amazing vendors and get some much needed CrossFit swag. You can even interact with athletes who are competing. One year Jared and I met Dave Castro, and he even met Greg Glassman, CEO of CrossFit. We will be in attendance with Regionals rookie, Maisie Page.

Two events have been announced so far, a repeat of the "Triple Three" from the Games a few years back, and "Linda" aka the Three Bars of Death.

You can purchase tickets and look for a hotel by going to the CrossFit Games site.

Wednesday's Training:

A. Back Squat

Build to a Heavy 5 Rep

B. Alt. EMOM x 14 (7 Rounds):

Odd- 50 Double Unders

Even- 30 seconds of Max Rep MB Squat Cleans (20/14)