Sanctionals Weekend

This weekend was a busy one for CrossFit athletes and fans, as there were three Sanctional events - the Rogue Invitational, Down Under CrossFit Championship, & Brazil CrossFit Championship.

You can check out all of the events and results at their various websites-

The Rogue Invitational definitely had the most well-known athletes, with most of the 20 individual males and females already having qualified before this event. There was also a Legends division with former CrossFit Games winners and veteran athletes like Becca Voigt, Dan Bailey, and Chris Spealler to name a few. It was fun to watch some of our old favorites back on the competition floor.

Do you guys watch the CrossFit Sanctional events? Confused about the CrossFit Games season (you aren't alone). You can learn more at

Monday's Training:


Pause Front Squats

Build to a heavy double


"After Party"


DB Front Squats (choose challenging weight)

30 Double Unders after each round