Santa Claus is coming to town!

Weekly Podcast Recommendation - "Froning & Friends" If you are fan of the fittest man in history, check out his podcast where he interviews other CrossFit Games athletes, chiropractors, and coaches and learn fun facts along the way. It's a very conversational and informal podcast and easy to listen to, and it has its funny moments as well.

With January quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to give your friends and family the gift of fitness. We are going to be offering a special price on our Fundamentals program from now through January - only $99 per person for the 6 class intro sessions (must be completed for all people brand new to CrossFit). Get a friend to sign up and we will give you 5% off your monthly dues for as long as they are a member.

This Wednesday at 10:30am is my monthly Mommy + Me class! It's free and open to all new moms, so if you know anyone who may be interested in working out with other moms and bring her baby along, let her know about it!!

Tuesday's Training:

A. 40 Reps in fewest sets possible

Frosty: Toes To Bar

Elf: Hanging Knee Raises

Reindeer: V-Ups/Tuck ups

Santa: Toes to Bar with 5 burpee penalty for each break

B. For Time:


Handstand Push-ups

25 Double Unders after each set

Santa/RX+: Strict HSPU