Sign up for our Shoulder Workshop!

I hope you've spent the weekend recovering, whether it was with us at the pool and yoga, or on your own outside in the beautiful weather!

If you are planning to do 18.2 again or still need to complete it, you can check with the coach of the class you come to and also text your teammates to see if anyone can meet you to judge you if needed!

To those who have completed it and are happy with your score, amazing job! I loved seeing some of you throw up a PR clean! The energy has been so much fun in the gym during the workouts and we love seeing the team spirit and support for each other!

Switching gears for a minute, I want you all to consider coming to the shoulder workshop we are hosting this Saturday at 11am. Our Yoga Tune Up expert, Del, will be showing us how to prevent injuries through working on mobility and range of motion. Read more about her/the event here.

If you've ever had a shoulder issue or gotten sore from a workout, this workshop is for you! It's open to everyone so if there is someone in your life who has a "bad shoulder" let them know! You can sign up here.

Monday's Training:

For Time:

800m Run

90 Double Unders

9 Bar Muscle Ups

70 Double Unders

7 Bar Muscle Ups

50 Double Unders

5 Bar Muscle Ups

800m Run

Goal: Consistent pace, big sets of Dubs & BMUs