Strength Cycle

Jim Wendler is a former powerlifter who developed a strength cycle program called Wendler 5/3/1. From "his greatest success is his ability to simplify the complexities of strength training into program variations so that anyone can apply them and achieve their goals." Here is an article from his site about starting the program if you have never done it before: 5/3/1 for a beginner

We are going to start the 5/3/1 program with the Deadlift this month. Other common lifts that can be done using this method are the back squat, bench press, and strict press. It works using percentages of your 1 Rep Max lifts, so it will benefit you to know those or have an idea. If you don't know your 1 RM, that's ok! You will go by feel for now. Yay to getting stronger!

Thursday's Training:

A. Wendler Week 1 Deadlift

2x5 Reps working up to 65%

1x5 Reps @ 65% of 1RM

1x5 Reps @ 75%

1xMax Reps @ 85%

Rest 2 min between sets

B. 5 x 2 min AMRAPs:

200m Sprint

Max Rep Thrusters (95/65) in remaining time

Rest 2 min between AMRAPs

Score is total Thrusters