Strength Overhead

Awesome job on the tester today! Track your results to see your PRs! We sell WOD journals if you need something to record your workouts in. You can also use an app like "SugarWOD" if you prefer to track on your phone. Either way, you should have some knowledge of your benchmark WOD times, as well as your strength numbers.

Tomorrow CrossFit will be working on shoulder stability and strength. Mobility may be the limiting factor in your OHS while pure strength may be your limiting factor in the press. The movements will be done in a superset fashion, so you'll do one set of OHS, then one set of Press.

A1. Overhead Squat


A2. Strict Press


Rest 1 min between movements, 3-4 minutes between sets.

Get Toned:

16 min AMRAP:

50 Single Unders

25 Goblet Squats (53/35)

10 Hand Release Push-Ups