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Support Your Local Box Fundraiser Workout 3

Tomorrow is the final workout for the CrossFit Support Your Local Box Fundraiser! We will have boxes available at the gym, and are asking you to bring any 50/35/20 pound dumbbells to share for the workout at 9am and 5:30pm. We'll also be broadcasting on Zoom.

At 6:30pm we'll have Tiki drinks with Coach Michelle! Here's what you need:


  • Equipment and Ingredients:

  • Navy Strength Rum (Dark)

  • Amaretto Liquor / Orgeat

    Triple Sec/Any Orange Liquor

    Pineapple Juice / Fresh Pineapple for garnish

    Orange Juice / Fresh Orange for garnish

    Cream of Coconut; Coconut Cream/**Ice-cream optional

    Fresh Strawberries Lime Juice

    Filthy Cherries for garnish

    Simple Syrup

    Ango Bitters

    Shaking Tin/Protein Shaker

    Jigger/Measuring Spoons

    Strainer/Tea strainer

    Rocks glass/Coupe/ Martini

    ***Optional substitutions

    Recommendations: Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Smith & Cross Navy Strength,Hamilton Navy Strength,

    RX+: MAI TAI: For Time: Drink 3 then low crawl 400m.

    2oz Dark Navy Strength Rum

    1oz Amaretto/Orgeat

    .5oz Triple Sec

    .75oz Lime Juice Add all ingredients into shaker, Shake with ice. Strain into rocks glass - Garnish with Lime wheel/ Orange Slice/Mint Sprig, Filthy cherry

    RX: PAINKILLER: Consume after completing above 400m low crawl.

    2oz Dark Navy Strength Rum

    2oz Cream of Coconut (Dilute 3:1 with hot water)

    1.5oz Pineapple Juice .75oz Orange Juice

    Add all ingredients into shaking tin with ice, Shake and strain into rocks glass with Ice - Garnish with fresh pineapple and filthy cherry. Optional: .5oz Rum floater on top.

    ****Substitutions: Add Coconut cream and or ice-cream to all the ingredients. Put in blender with Ice. Blend until desired consistency. Drop 1oz rum floater on top.

  • SCALED: SHAKEN STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: Post WOD Recovery: Complete as many rounds and reps until desired flexibility and ROM has been achieved.

    2oz Dark Navy Strength Rum

    .75oz Simple syrup/Infused syrup

    1oz Lime Juice

    1Dash Ango Bitters

    1Strawberry cut up

  • Add all ingredients into shaker, Shake with ice. Double strain into coupe/martini glass (No Ice) Garnish Fresh Strawberry in side.

Workout Description

Demo Video

Thursday's Training:

For time:

50 dumbbell deadlifts (50/35)

50 AbMat sit-ups

50 box step-ups (24/20)

50 single-arm dumbbell thrusters (50/35)

Time cap: 20 minutes