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"Target Practice"

Play BINGO with us this month! Get your score card here!


You can still sign up for the CrossFit fundraiser online competition that supports affiliates while they are closed! Go to games.crossfit.com

Workout 1 was released and I've created a custom leaderboard for the gym! If you are registered, let me know and I'll add you!

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Join Jared for a Financial Planning Q+A session Tuesday at noon on Zoom! Ask anything financial related! If you can't make it, send us a message with your questions! https://zoom.us/j/751056915


On Wednesday at 6:30pm, Michelle will lead us through a special mobility class! We all need to prioritize our mobility if we want to keep our bodies healthy and moving well! Don't miss it!


Tuesday's Training:

"Target Practice"

For Time:





Perform 10 Alternating Pistols after each round

Sub Pistols to box/couch/chair if needed