The CrossFit Games begin this week!

We will be watching the CrossFit Games this weekend on Saturday, August 4 at a local food and beverage establishment. Most likely we will be meeting at Belmar Tavern on El Prado and Manhattan mid-afternoon. I will update everyone with time/location as it gets closer since we don't know when the events will be scheduled that day yet.

On Sunday, August 5 we will have yoga at 10am and then will be hanging around the gym for the final events!

You can download the CrossFit Games event app to keep up with everything going on with the athletes and events starting this Wednesday!

Monday's Training:


Back Squat


Front Rack Reverse Lunges


Build in Weight or Same Weight Across


"Sore Subject"

Alt. Tabata x 8 mins:

Back Squats (45/35)

Double Unders