The Dottirs

The above video is the latest in the Road to the Games series from CrossFit. It highlights "The Dottirs" - Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, & Sara Sigmundsdottir. All of these incredible women hail from Iceland and have been on the podium at the Games. They will most likely be some of the top contenders this week/weekend as the events for the Games take place so keep an eye on them!

And check out the video because they truly are amazing!

PS They all care about what they eat for their performance. You can get a baseline of where you are right now with a Body Fat Test and then create a food template based on your percentage. Ask me for more details and sign up for the Body Fat Test here.

Wednesday's Training:

6 rounds:

Minute 1: 100m run

Minute 2: 10 DB Power Cleans (heavy)

Minute 3: 16 Jumping Lunges

Minute 4: Rest

Get Toned:

A. 10 minutes of Single Unders

Every 2 mins, perform 10 Walking Lunges

B. 10 min EMOM:

Even: 45 second plank

Odd: 15 Toes to Wall