The fifth of the November!

Remember, remember the fifth of November! (Sorry I can't help make this reference) but it is also the fifth day of our NSN challenge. You should be through the worst of it if you have been strict with your sugar intake thus far! For me, I have been eating a couple of servings of fruit every day, and it is starting to taste sweeter than before. Need a sweet treat in the evening? Try freezing bananas (remove the peel first) and put one in a blender with some coconut milk (unsweetened). You should get a a frozen yogurt consistency of "nice cream", and is a go to for me for a healthy dessert.

Want more not sweet treats? Check out this recipe roundup. You've made it through the first weekend, let's keep it going!

Monday's Training:

"Cover Girl"

18 min AMRAP:

5 round buy-in of:

200m run

10 Overhead Squats (95/65)

then in remaining time:

Max rounds of "Cindy"