The Importance of Routine

Getting into a routine

If you've listened to the Tim Ferriss podcast, you know that Tim interviews leaders in their fields. One of the many things that you will notice across the board is that all the interviewees follow a particular morning routine. Minimizing the amount of decisions they make about trivial things like what time to wake up or what they eat for breakfast or even what clothes they will wear that day, helps them to conserve brain power for the really important decisions they need to make that day.

This being said, you don't have to a titan of industry to have a particular morning routine you follow on a daily basis. If you are someone who prefers to work out in the morning, you may want to set your alarm for the same time every morning (and get to bed early the night before) and head to the gym - even if you don't want to work out that day! Sticking to the same routine will allow you to get used to waking up and working out on the days that you do want to exercise. Come to the gym and just stretch or row, but at least make it a priority in your routine!

For more ideas about routines, please ask a coach!

There are a few people interested in the Brandon Brawl and we would love for you to sign up so we can go out and coach/support you! Please talk to a coach for more details!!

See you on Sunday for yoga!

Friday's Training:

3 rounds for time:

400m run

12 Bodyweight Deadlifts

21 Box Jumps (20")

Get Toned:

3 rounds for time:

400m run

12 Medball Clean Wall Balls

21 Box Jumps