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The Night Baby

Hey guys! It's the last week of August and despite the rain, we are hoping for packed classes this week to finish out the month. We have many activities planned for September and I will be posting them on our Events page soon so stay tuned! We will be offering another Free Week to all new people as well so if you know anyone, get them excited!

For this week, there is a Tampa Bay Strength & Fitness Expo on Saturday 9/2 at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. There will be a CrossFit-type competition and an Olympic Weightlifting meet among other events and it looks like it is only $10 to get in at the door so go check it out!

Oh and season finale of Game of Thrones tonight! :( Check out that little Night King in the photo (thanks FB app for the filter)

On tomorrow's workout: The KB overhead carry is utilizing one KB and you can switch arms as you would like to as you progress through your walk. You must be holding the KB overhead locked out to advance. This is performed as the KB resting on the back of your forearm, not with the KB bell straight up.

Monday's Training: CrossFit + Get Toned

For time:

100m KB overhead carry (53/35) (can use a DB as well)

10 KB swing

100m row

200m KB overhead carry

20 KB swing

200m row

300m KB overhead carry

30 KB swing

300m row

400m KB overhead carry

40 KB swing

400m row