Tomorrow we will know what the first workout of the 2018 Open is! The announcement is at 8pm eastern time, so tune in on games.crossfit.com or Facebook live. Any predictions on what the first workout will be? Check out the first photo clue Dave Castro posted above. My prediction = all repeats this year!

If you are participating in the Open you may want to do some active recovery tomorrow. Feel free to come to the gym and ride the bike, or mobilize. You can still do the workout tomorrow but you may not want to go as hard as you usually would.

Hopefully you know which team you are on and have talked to some of your teammates or captain about doing the first workout. Reach out to me with any questions!

Thursday's Training:

A. Alt. EMOM x 10:

Odd- 10 Alt. Pistols

Even- 3-5 Strict L-Sit Pull Ups


Pistols- Scale reps, pistol on box, pistol to box, narrow squat to box

L-PUs- Reg PUs, PU negatives, Chin-over-bar hold, low bar PU

B. Alt. Double Tabata (:40/:20)

Cal Row


Score= Lowest set of each movement

Goal: Fast reps, quick transitions in/out of rower