The Results are in!

The winner of the nutrition challenge is Keri Davis!

She accumulated the most points from tracking her meals most consistently. Keri also improved her time on the workout and had a noticeable difference in her before & after photos. She is our all-around winner of the free 2 night stay in Sarasota!

We are also awarding two other participants - Gerardo & Johnny!

Both Gerardo and Johnny have had significant weight loss over the past couple of months, and we want to recognize them for consistently tracking their meals throughout the challenge!

Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope you got something out of the challenge and will continue to make your nutrition one of your top priorities!

Wednesday's Training:

A. E2MOM x 6:

Sets 1-2) 3 Snatches @ 80%

Sets 3-4) 2 Snatches @ 85%

Sets 5-6) 1 Snatch @ 90%

B. "Snake Bite"

For Time:


Squat Snatch 95/65

C2B Pull Ups



Power Snatch 75/55

OHS 75/55

Pull Ups/Ring Rows