The Two Most Dreaded Words....

..."Heavy Fran"!

Before we get into the workout, I wanted to share a nutrition tidbit regarding beans. Some of you participating in the challenge, or who have explored eating a "paleo" diet, may be wondering, "Why not beans?"

Beans (like black beans and pinto beans) are considered legumes, which contain "chemical defense substances that may be irritating to our gut and immune system." This defense system helps protect these "pseudo-grains" from predatory threats (like us) who will eat them. Most plants have some sort of defense system like this. This can negatively impact digestion and absorption of other foods we eat and can cause a lot of digestive distress ("beans, beans, the magical fruit..."). Properly prepared legumes - those that are soaked before cooking - tend to not cause these issues as their chemical defenses get removed in this process. So if going forward you decide to incorporate beans into your diet, I would highly suggest preparing them properly before consuming!

Now, Thursday's Training:

"Heavy Fran"


Thrusters (135/95)

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Get Toned:


DB Thrusters (40/25)