Triple Fran

No, I'm just kidding. Great week so far, Supple Leopards. If you are extra sore today, or have been hitting it hard make sure you take some adequate rest days. Training is fun and great, but the body needs time to recover and rest. Trust me I'm a dad.

Thursday's Traiing:

CF and GT

For Time:

30 Double Unders

3min Squat Hold

30 Pistols

60 Double Unders

2min Wall Squat Hold

20 Pistols

90 Double Unders

1min Squat Hold

10 Pistols

*The squat holds are accumulative. You need to accumulate the given time in each round. If you come off the wall to rest, you need to take that off your total time of work, then when you go back in the hold start the clock again. Everyone needs to be responsible for your own timeline.

The squat hold = regular hold at the bottom of the squat

Wall squat hold = parallel squat hold against the wall

Make sure you aren’t resting your hands on your legs during the wall squats and that you are staying parallel the whole time.