Wash Your Hands!

Coronavirus and CrossFit:


The Asia CrossFit Championship has now officially been postponed due to the ongoing threat of Coronavirus.

What happened: We’ve been following developments closely since the start of the outbreak, as CrossFit HQ continued to monitor developments in conjunction with event organizers.

  • There’s also whispers the Tokyo Olympics – which is on the same week of the 2020 CrossFit Games – could also be canceled, amid more confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Japan.

Affiliates worldwide have also been warning members to be alert but not alarmed.

  • San Francisco CrossFit sent a memo to all members with a few simple guidelines including a warning to stay away if you’re ill, wash down all equipment and wash your hands, often: “While we don’t want to jump on the panic train, we do want our community to know what we’re doing to keep you safe,” the memo read.


2/26 Update: The Compex Box Challenge has been rescheduled and will now be held on December 5-6 of this year.

The death of one citizen and 15 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in northern Italy has caused the organizers of the Compex Box Challenge to suspend their competition as the host country deals with the outbreak of the deadly virus. The international team fitness competition was originally scheduled for Feb, 22-23 in Piacenza, Italy.

What this means for CrossFit:

  • This is the first CrossFit competition outside of China, that we know of, that has been canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
  • The Morning Chalk Up contacted Carlo Strati, event organizer for the CrossFit Italian Showdown, to ask how this affects the Sanctional scheduled for April 24-26.
  • “On our side, everything is on track with the Italian Showdown,” commented Strati. “In fact, this year’s edition will not take place in Milan. The city of Riccione is located on the Adriatic Riviera, over 300 km from Milan, in a different region, with no restrictions so far.”
  • Milan, the second most populous city in Italy, has reported some of the confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The bottom line: Events across the globe are keeping a close eye on the situation but right now all sanctioned events, including the Italian Showdown, are set to continue.

  • Strati: “As of now we have no reason to predict any change to our event,” said Strati. “Should the situation change in the next two months, we will promptly inform you, all the registered athletes and all the spectators.”

Thursday's Training:

"4-Wheel Drive"

5 Rounds:


21/15 Calorie Assault Bike/Row/Ski

15 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Max 10 Meter Shuttle Runs In Time Remaining

Rest 4 Minutes Between