What's Coming Up!

Hello guys and welcome to our newest members! We are thrilled to have you! Please let us know if there is ever any way for us to make your experience better!

4 weeks of Open workouts are complete! Just 1 more to go! Will it be another repeat?! Will we see thrusters or double unders or ring muscle ups?! We will have to wait and see this Thursday! Keep up all the amazing work you guys have been doing!

Remember we will end the Open with a celebration on April 1st at the gym. We will give out awards, grill some food, and kick back to enjoy all the hard work we've put in.

This Saturday, March 25 at 9am we are hosting a neighborhood clean-up an we hope you'll be a part of it. We want to continue to do business in Port Tampa and in order to do so, we need the area to look well-kept to attract more people and businesses to move to the area! That's why we are going to go out and pick up litter in lieu of a typical Saturday workout. Please bring your friends, family, kids as it will be a great way to get outside and give back to the community.

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming nutrition challenge beginning in April!

Monday's Training:

A. Build to your heaviest complex:

1 Deadlift (3 sec pause at top) + 1 Hang Power Clean

B. 8 min AMRAP:

20 Double Unders

8 Deadlifts (115/75)

4 Hang Power Cleans

*Goal is to do all the reps unbroken. If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to do 20 double unders, scale to double hip taps.

Get Toned:

A. 2 rounds:

400m Farmers carry

*Add weight second round

B. 8 min AMRAP:

20 Single Unders

8 KB Deadlifts (53/35)

4 KB Swings (53/35)