Why Breathing is Important!

Coach Dana sent out this article to the rest of the coaches about the way we breathe and how it affects a workout. Most of us don't think too much about our breathing, in or out of the gym, but we are mostly breathing shallow breaths into our chest. These bad breathing habits develop over time though we probably aren't aware of it. When we are hunched over our laptops or phones, we don't let our bellies expand to fill our diaphragms with air, causing shorter breaths and more anxiety. We have also been conditioned to keep our bellies sucked in at all times so not to appear "fat". This is causing a disservice to us and does not allow us to access that deep, belly breathing that can calm us down and fill our lungs and muscles with precious oxygen - which is great for a workout!

Try to practice deep breathing every day on your own, and then try to incorporate it into your workouts! You can start tomorrow during your minute of rest. Here is the full article.

Thursday's Training:

EMOM x 20:

5 Rounds of...

A) 18/12 Cal Row

B) 10 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)

C) 3 Rope Climbs

D) Rest