Why We Lift!

The importance of olympic weightlifting in CrossFit:

"The mere practice of the Olympic lifts teaches an athlete how to apply large amounts of force. Part of the extraordinary abilities of an Olympic lifter arises out of his having learned how to effectively activate more of his muscle fibers more rapidly than others who aren’t trained to do so. This becomes extremely important for athletes who need to remain at lower body weights for athletic purposes but need to learn how to apply greater force."—Artie Dreschler

CrossFit trains “Ten Physical Skills.” Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Speed, Stamina, Power, Strength. This means we train you to be better and fitter ALL AROUND. Your fitness level increases across all physical skills, not just a select few.

The olympic lifts are the most effective movements to train all 10 physical skills!

Our Primal Barbell program is for people of all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. We will teach you the foundational movements of the Olympic Lifts that will help you get stronger! It will also help you with your general fitness goals. You will focus on performing proper movement techniques safely in a small group setting, and challenging work in each class!

Our focus:

  • Introduction to basic mechanics
  • Learning movement progressions
  • Performing exercises correctly & safely
  • Growing our supportive community

Our Barbell program is free this entire week for all athletes!

Tuesday's Training:

"Bro/Babe Sesh"


Bench Press


Dumbbell Bent Over Row

10-10-10-10-10 (Per Side)


Tabata (4min of :20 Work/:10 Rest)

Banded or Regular Push Ups

Tabata (4min of :20 Work/:10 Rest)

Empty Barbell Curls

*Score for each is Lowest Round