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You can do anything for 5 minutes

Wear a costume to the gym on Friday at 5:30pm for a Halloween Workout!

We are focusing on Intensity over Volume with this workout. You should be working hard when you are not resting because the time of the workout is shorter today. The goal for the lateral jumps is 15-20 per round, and about 10 Hang Power snatches per round. This is also part of a deload week as we will begin some testing in November.

We will have an optional finisher at the end if you want an extra challenge.

Thursday's Training:

5 rounds:

20 seconds Lateral barbell jumps

20 seconds Hang Power Snatch (64/45)

20 seconds rest

Get Toned:

5 rounds:

20 seconds Burpees

20 seconds Russian KB Swings

20 seconds rest